Motion against child slavery

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Currently, there are over 400 million enslaved children in the world.

They are exploited and forced into the labour market.

Child soldiers

Sexually exploited children

Children murdered for their organs

Children working in slavery conditions…

By depriving them of what is natural in their childhood,
like playing and receiving an education, they are being deprived of life.

It is child slavery, not child labor

According to the ILO, this global crime is on the rise in number and cruelty.

The CAUSES of this crime are:

  1. A radically unfair International economic system: huge multinational companies and a world financial system that seek to obtain the highest profit at any cost and do not refrain from using child slavery.
  2. A political system, including international organizations such as UN, UNICEF, IMF, etc., and parliamentary political parties like those in Spain, which legitimize the situation and do nothing to put an end to this crime
  3. Unions of enriched countries that have betrayed their historical fight for solidarity. By remaining silent in the face of child slavery, they are exposing their complicity and lack of solidarity with impoverished workers.
  4. A first world society, enriched and eager to consume, that turns a blind eye to this barbarity from which it profits by buying goods made by child slave labor.

“NO to a World of Enslaved and Unemployed People”

400 Million Child Slaves: Political and Union Trade Crime

We Propose:

  1. A boycott against any product manufactured under slavery conditions.
  2. Not voting for political parties that do not have an explicit commitment and proposals to fight this crime.
  3. Publicly denouncing the conscience manipulation by the Media that conceals all the dimensions of this problem.
  4. Publicly denouncing the causes of child slavery through non-violent protest in the streets, hereby lending our voices to the voiceless.
    Unemployment and child slavery stem from same causes and, therefore, have same solutions.


16th of April


On the 16th of April, 1995, a 12 year old Christian Pakistani boy named Iqbal Masih, who had been sold into bonded labour at the age of 4, was murdered by the carpet mafia after he dared to tell the world: “Do not buy carpets made by slave children”. He was awarded a prize in Boston for his solidarity fight.

A slave since the age of 4, he laid down his life to condemn the causes of this crime.

MOTION PROPOSAL ________________ from _____________

Christian Cultural Movement, Solidarity Youth Path

PROPOSE that the honorable ________________ should agree on their plenary:


  • to support all the initiatives which seek to publicly denounce child slavery and raise awareness of reality.
  • to have a street named after Iqbal Masih or a square with his statue
  • to include Iqbal Masih’s story and the current situation of worldwide slavery endured by 400 million children in school curricula.


  • To support the declaration of 16th April as the International Day against Child Slavery in remembrance of Iqbal Masih, a former child slave who fought for justice in the Bonded Labour Liberation Front of Pakistan, to close factories where children were exploited. His example spread internationally and he received awards in Stockholm and Boston. He used the money from these awards to open a school. He was murdered by the “carpet mafia” on 16th April 1995.


  • To pronounce before the governments of ____________, Spain and the European Union that fair trade is not possible in this current imperialism. To demand an institutional change in international trade and ban products made by slave children from Europe. To shut down and penalize companies exploiting children either directly or in outsourced companies. To internationally legislate and promote the dignity of work for adults, under conditions and with pay that enable people to support their families.


  • To request of the ILO that 16th April be set as the International Day against Child Slavery. To demand that necessary measures be taken in order to effectively abolish child slavery and unemployment, which have the same causes and, therefore, same solutions.

If you are interested in receiving further information or materials, you can contact us at the address below.

We look forward to your commitment to putting an end to this situation.

tel: 34-91374086

Movimiento Cultural Cristiano: Monforte de Lemos 162, 28029 MADRID



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